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How To Kill You, Darling?

angielski przekład powieści "Jak Cię zabić, kochanie?"

Thirty-year-old Kate has the opportunity of a lifetime, to inherit a fortune. There’s just one condition: she has to send her husband over to the other world. That turns out to be easier said than done, and soon she finds herself turning from hunter into hunted. What ensues is a comedy of errors, where any mistake could be the deciding move on who will end up being the victim and who the murderer. “One can’t have everything they want in life…” Alex Rogozinski’s books are easy to pick up and hard to put down, because when something is this good it’s impossible to leave it for later. Don’t even try. Grab your copy today and relish your chance to enjoy this witty, gripping, startling read that will deliver a rollercoaster of action and emotion. Once you try it, he’ll leave you wanting more. Originally published in Polish by Filia Publishing, as Jak Cie zabic Kochanie? by Alek Rogozinski. Translated and published in English with full permission of both author and publisher.

Wydawnictwo Royal Hawaiian Press

Premiera 24.11.2016


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